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Top reasons to hire a tutor for your child

Almost every kid faces challenges during schools life. Though the nature of these challenges varies, a lot of them revolve around the complexities of the curriculum. This is why the parents of these kids consider getting the support of a tutor. Through this post, we discuss some essential benefits of taking the tutor’s support.

Better understanding of every concept

The one-on-one learning ensures the students get a hold of each and every concept from a particular subject. Usually, the motive of the students is score better in their exams. But, this is not the only advantage. The foundation of the students becomes strong, which ensures they excel during every stage of their academic life.

The students become more confident

 Sometimes, the students hesitate to discuss the struggles related to their academics with their parents. It is a trait of a good teacher to understand what a student is going through. This helps him/her to find an effective solution to simplify the learning process. As a result, a student starts feeling more confident.

Students can get good scores on standardized tests

Apart from helping the students score well in their respective school tests, the students are also able to prepare for standardized tests like SAT or ACT.

No unnecessary spending on assignment services

No doubt, writing assignments is a tough task. But, getting the support of assignment services is not always the right decision. Even after paying the money, your student does not learn the concepts from the subject. The service providers just deliver the assignment without any involvement of the student. You can save this money by investing in a trusted tutor. The students will not only learn the vital concepts but will also be able to solve their assignments.

You can enjoy these benefits only if you have hired a trusted tutor for your kid. The tutors from the Ladder Method ensure the students remain confident during his academic life and learn a topic easily with the help of an innovative method it deploys.

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What makes ACT so hard?

There are myriad of factors that tell why ACT is so important. Most of the colleges ask for your ACT score during the admission process. You might also get a scholarship based on your performance in this test. Even some jobs, like the ones in consulting or finance sector, will ask for your ACT score.


While preparing for it, a lot of students realize it is a hard nut to crack. Here we discuss what makes this test so difficult for the students.

Strict time constraints

For most of the students, it is the insufficient time for answering the questions that make it so difficult. In case a student gets confused on a particular question, a lot of his/her time is wasted. On an average, a student gets one minute per answer or even less for sections like English.

Unfamiliar data

According to some students, the science section is the toughest. The reason is that the students have to interpret data which they are not familiar with. As the data related to the experiments that the students have not encountered before, visualizing them is not possible.

Pressure is high

Sometimes, the stress can make it difficult to solve the questions. Students, in this case, need to learn about techniques to get rid of anxiety. Meditation is recommended by some experts to deal with this issue.

The students might also face difficulties due to lack of understanding of a particular concept. To manage all these issues, students can contact the Ladder Method. The institute uses a unique method that empowers the individuals to get a good score in ACT.

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Five signs your child needs the support of a tutor

As a parent, it is one of many challenges to help your children finish their homework.  Various new learning techniques and teaching styles have changed the way your child is learning math or reading.  Many parents find themselves in frustration as they aren't able to help their child(ren) complete Chemistry or do long division the Singapore math way.   Read More

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The SAT vs ACT: What is the difference?

What is the difference between the ACT and the SAT standardized tests? How should students best prepare and decide which test to take? Is there a preferred test? A lot of Ladder Method parents call our offices with just this question.  Its a good question.  And, the answer is not the same as it once was.   What is the difference between the ACT and the SAT standardized tests? The ACT and the SAT are both standardized tests that the colleges use in evaluating a student during the college application process.  Read More

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What is the Difference between the ISEE and the ERB?

Many of our clients call us with just this question: What is the difference between the ISEE and the ERB?  What are these tests?   How are they different? The short answer is there is not that much difference between the ERB and the ISEE.  However, the two tests are used in quite different ways.  Read More

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Our Latest ACT Student Success Story: Jake K

Final Score: 28 Jake started with a composite score of 19 on his initial diagnostic.  A junior at a competitive private school in the Los Angeles area, he struggled with math fundamentals and he self-identified as “bad at reading”.  He also worried that he “was never taught any grammar in school.”  Jake K was concerned that he would not get into a competitive college with his initial score yet was ambivalent about the ACT Prep process.     Read More

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